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zipWindows users know zip files. But when they get to the Mac they might see some things they haven’t seen before. Like .dmg files, .sit files, stuff-it, drive images – it can be a little overwhelming.

It would be great if .dmg files were Windows-friendly. But Murphy isn’t holding his breath. Luckily we can all get along with zip.

OSXDaily put together some information about making zip archives with Finder. Murphy’s going to show you how to create a zip archive in the Terminal. Type “man zip” at a Terminal prompt to learn more about zip and its file format compatibility.

Zip is a powerful tool with functions far beyond those in the screencast. Murphy uses it to backup files on his hosting provider, which provides ssh access with his account. Zip makes it easy to periodically backup the entire web site and copy it to another physical location.

The screencast uses the mv command, which can overwrite existing files without warning. Make sure you know what you’re doing! Watch this if you’re not comfortable with Terminal. Check out Murphy’s other Terminal screencasts too.

Note: Murphy Mac is a Bluehost affilitate.

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  1. One thing I really think is lacking is zip folder integration in finder. It should be possible to treat a zip file as a normal folder ( or at least mount it like a dmg ) without having to decompress it.

    That’s easily done in windows and linux – am I missing something obvious in OSX ?

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