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Widgets in the Desktop Dimension


Smart FolderYes, it’s true. You can keep Widgets on your Desktop. Give Murph a couple minutes and it’s done. You just put your Mac in devmode, a magic state where dreams really do come true. Murphy will show you how.

Once you’re in devmode you can simply drag Widgets from their floating home to your Desktop where they’ll be visible without engaging the Dashboard.

If you’re looking for even more fun with your Widgets check out Amnesty Widget Browser. You can rotate your Widgets, change their scale, change their opacity – and more. Still on Panther? The Widget Browser can help.

There’s even a Widget for turning devmode on and off, appropriately named DevMode Widget. Why mess with the Terminal when you can use a Widget?

Remember, the Terminal is not a toy.

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4 comments to “Widgets in the Desktop Dimension”

  1. I like the trick a lot, but my widgets stay on top of all once they are on the desktop. Is there a way to tie them down to the desktop so that windows cover them?

  2. Hey Matt –

    The Amnesty Widget Browser mentioned in the post does that, I believe. I don’t know if there’s an easy hack to do it.


  3. Dear Murphy,

    Regarding the “Widgets in the Desktop Dimension”, the screencast says the terminal command to turn devmode on is:
    “defaults write devmode YES”.

    At the end of the screencast it says to turn devmode off by changing ON to OFF.

    Should the YES be ON or OFF be NO if you see what I mean? Hope this is not a stupid question but Terminal makes me nervous.

    Love the site.

  4. Dave –
    Yes – that’s a mistake in the screencast. Turning it off should be NO. There is no On or Off. Not a stupid question!

    Thanks for visiting and for pointing that out. I’ll fix that if I still have the source file.

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