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Weekend Screencasts


Weekend ScreencastsIf you’ve been a regular on MurphyMac you probably know Murph tends to take the weekends off. But you’ve still got a hunger for Screencasts, right? Take a look at the eContent blog. It’s got all kinds of resources for web-based and podcast learning.

The site is run by a Honeywell corporate education manager who’s a pretty interesting guy! He’s also developed a series of custom search engines using Google Co-op, including one for screencast search.  If you’ve got a favorite site for software education go ahead and ask him to add it to the index.

If you’re not familiar with Google Co-op it’s a free service that lets you create a custom search engine that indexes the sites you specify. You can then place the search box on your own site. The eContent site covers its use in a Google Co-op screencast.

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