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Wake Your Mac From a PC


Wake Your MacOr wake your Mac from a Mac. Or wake your PC from that very same Mac… get the idea.

This Snippet features a command line tool and, as always, step by step animated instructions.

We’re all going to need tools like this soon. The family wants to watch something on the new iTV, but the G5 upstairs is snoozing away. Wake it up!

If you want to wake your Mac from another Mac look no further than the WakeOnLan Widget.

But if you need to wake up some Macs (or PCs) from a PC, take a look at what Murphy has to offer. Click Watch Now below.

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3 comments to “Wake Your Mac From a PC”

  1. Hi Murphy,

    thanks for mentioning my WakeOnLan widget, appreciated. What software do you use to create this nice movies? I’m looking for something like this to make it easier for WakeOnLan and SpyMe users to setup their network. Thanks!


  2. Hi Murphy,
    I tried this out but I have no ‘Subnet Mask’ address, what can I to to make it work?
    Thanks, Leon.

  3. Hi Leon –

    Did you try this from a pc? If you open a command prompt on the pc and type ipconfig and hit return you’ll see your subnet mask.

    On a Mac go to the Network panel in System Preferences. From the Show drop-down list select your active network connection. Probably Airport or Built-in ethernet. Then click on TCP/IP at the top and you should see your subnet mask.


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