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Vote for Murphy


Murphy needs your help.

The tutorial contest entries have been posted on the Macinstruct web site. The judges decide on first through third place – but the fourth place prize is decided by you – it’s the People’s Choice Award.

Vote!You can see all the tutorials here. Some are screencasts, some are text and screenshots, some are something else. Murphy’s entries are remakes – with changes – to his posts on making a custom dmg and mailing files from Finder. We’ll post the revised versions here when the contest is over on June 19.

So – please visit Macinstruct and vote for the best tutorial. And make sure you take a close look at number 27 and number 28! Murphy’s lagging behind in the polls – maybe you can help. Some of the other entries are really good – so take a look!

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6 comments to “Vote for Murphy”

  1. #27 got my vote, but good luck going up against #26, who seems to be rocking the votes :)

  2. Why not set picture background and *then* rename it with leading period, instead of create, set and then delete soft-link?

  3. Gand –

    That won’t work when you make the second dmg that auto-opens on mount. I had tried that.

    However – it does work if you don’t take the steps beyond the first dmg file.

  4. 27 does it for me. Good luck Murph!

  5. Hi,

    I’ve been trying to use the technique you describe in the “Adding Chapters to QuickTime Movies” screencast, and have encountered some problems. When someone encounters a problem with using one of the tips you give, is there a way to ask questions? Is there a Forum somewhere on your site to ask questions and get help?


  6. Why don’t you post this comment under that post and we’ll see if anyone answers.

    The site doesn’t get a ton of traffic. So sometimes someone will answer. Sometimes not.

    What’s the problem? If you repost your comment under that post I’ll answer your questions there. There isn’t any other forum on the site.

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