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Use Address Book to Send an SMS


Tapping out a text message on a cellphone keypad – not the best. If the stars line up and you have a Bluetooth phone and a Bluetooth enabled Mac and a cooperative carrier than you can bang out those messages on your Mac and let the phone send them.

Address Book SMSTo be honest, Murphy doesn’t do this much. He doesn’t send many SMS messages to start with. On the rare occasion when a message needs to be sent to a phone he uses In the U.S. that means address an email to the 10 digit mobile number in front of and click send. There’s a decent chance the message will arrive as a text on the recipient’s phone.

But let’s say you need to SMS someone frequently and their phone doesn’t have an email address. This could be useful.

More honesty: Murphy just thought this was a cool feature, practical or not. The screencast is short. The key to success is when you’re pairing the Bluetooth phone with your Mac. Make sure you enable the phone for Address Book use.

If you’ve got Skype installed it works as an SMS pipeline from Address Book too.

Finally – be prepared for disappointment. Not all carriers will support this feature. In the U.S. carriers like Verizon have a tendency to cripple Bluetooth functionality – along with OS X features like this one.

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4 comments to “Use Address Book to Send an SMS”

  1. Hey this article really helped! i followed the steps exactly like a million times and with your article i realized that because i use verizon it does not work!! that is such crap, i hate verizon now!

  2. LOL… Sorry to laugh, but I just can’t help…
    Verizon is one of the most ridiculous cell companies in US (in my opinion). They use proprietary OS on ALL their phones, significantly decreasing their functionality… Apparently Verizon wants your phone to be just that: a phone. They’re like my boss: want to control each and every little thing. So, for example, you can’t use your own MP3 ringtone that was not bought from them. Also you cannot use FTP via Bluetooth… And many others… Only thing that keeps them alive (once again in my opinion as a “electronic gadget guy”) is that they have really good, reliable service.
    I text a lot. Especially when I’m @ work and I can’t use phone. So I have to “cheat” by sending my sms through computer, so that boss doesn’t see it 😉 I use Nokia PC suite on PC. I’m pretty sure that most cell software support sending txt msg through BT… Check it out…
    @ Murphy: I just bumped onto your site by looking for WOL. I really like your whole site. It’s very educational. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

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