Make a Dashboard Widget with iWeb

You can make Dashboard Widgets out of any page you find on the web. Or you can make your own page to base the Widget on.

Begin with iWeb

We'll start in iWeb by creating a web page that contains the content for our widget. Murphy has added a Flickr badge.

Finish Adding Content

We've clicked the Web Widgets button in iWeb. Then we pasted in code we got from the Flickr site to create another badge. Don't confuse the Web Widget tool with a Dashboard widget. You can make a Dashboard widget out of all kinds of web content, we just happen to be making a web page using the Web Widget tool. Confused?

Our Page is Complete

This is the page we'll use to make our widget. It has two flickr badges side by side. So will our Dashboard widget.

Publish the iWeb Page

Publish the iWeb page to Mobile Me or to a folder on your Mac. You can double click the index file to open it in Safari. Or visit the Mobile Me page you published to.

Create a Widget Using Safari

After you open your page in Safari you can use the scissors button to create a widget. First, click the scissors. Then drag around the part of the web page you want your widget to consist of. Click ADD at the top right when you're done

You Made a Widget !

Take a look at your widget. It might need a tweak or two...

Edit the Widget

You can click the button at the bottom right of your widget to reveal these controls. Pick a theme, then click the Edit button if your widget needs changes. You can drag the bottom right corner to resize it.

You're Done.

Visit Murphy Mac for more information.