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Shuffle Autofill Confusion


Shuffle Autofill ConfusionDid anyone get TWO iPods for Christmas? Murphy did. 8GB Nano and a Shuffle. He still can’t believe it. But the Shuffle gave him some heartburn.

Murph added a couple podcasts to a playlist and tried to Autofill the iPod Shuffle. But only his songs made the trip. Podcasts were left behind. What could be the problem? Has this happened to you?

Murphy found a solution. You can click Watch Now to see what it was.

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5 comments to “Shuffle Autofill Confusion”

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what software do you use to record your screen casts?

  2. Sorry Justin, Murphy is keeping his production procedures under wraps, for now. It’s a home-brewed and somewhat UGLY solution. But it works and we’re pretty happy with how it looks.
    In the world of Mac tips you’ve got to hold on to any edge you can find!!

  3. Thanks you for that! I have been having the same problem.

    My workaround is to use Automator instead to delete yesterdays podcasts and ad todays every morning about half an hour before i get up. That way it isn’t a shuffle, so podcasts are not ignored but at the same time it isn’t something I have to do manually every day.

    I too love your groovey little presentation technique :)

  4. Murphy has posted an update for this problem. Check out this script at MacOSXHints.

    Thanks Doug!

  5. very good explanation! Thanks.

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