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Salling Clicker Remote Control for iTunes


Salling ClickerMurphy stumbled across an old HP iPaq the other day and intalled Salling Clicker on it. Instant remote control for iTunes, via the Salling Clicker pane installed in System Preferences.

It’s amazing there aren’t more Wifi remotes these days. With computers acting as media libraries line-of-sight infrared seems totally inadequate. That’s where Salling Clicker comes in. The software works with either Bluetooth or Wifi to control functions on a remote computer. And the list of devices it works on is extensive. The bad news is for LG phone users. You’re on your own.

Watch the screencast to see how Murphy controls his iTunes library. He can even use the hardware buttons on the Pocket PC to advance to the next song or go back. The same button also controls the volume.

If you dig a little further into Salling Clicker you’ll see it can be used to control a slideshow in iPhoto or to send a Mac off to sleep. There are functions for news feeds and mail too.

Murphy is looking forward to seeing Salling Clicker on an iPod Touch and iPhone when the platform is opened up to developers early in 2008. The Touch might be the perfect Wifi remote control.

A trial version of the software shows all the functionality, but locks after a finite number of clicks. If you’ve got an old Pocket PC lying around you might want to take a look. Or check to see if your phone is on the list of supported devices. There’s a Windows version too.

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3 comments to “Salling Clicker Remote Control for iTunes”

  1. Not to sound like a P.R. guy but I’ve been using an application called Remote Buddy that does this phenomenally already with an iPod Touch. It’s has loads of functionality, and you can even hand craft your own behaviors to interact with other applications to fit your needs. Check it out…

  2. Thanks Jacob –

    I’ve been thinking about getting a Touch, but I think I’m going to wait until Macworld in case there’s ANY kind of update! But I was looking today and stumbled into that very tool.

    How do you like your Touch?

  3. Awesome. Remote Buddy is sometimes a little sluggish with the touch simply because it has to interact entirely through a web based environment. It’s still ridiculously cool though to be able to remotely control my mac in this really hands-on kinda way.

    My only complaint with the Touch itself is that it doesn’t really like to multi-task with web browsing and music playing. I sometimes randomly will have the music playing functions crash and I’ll have to exit my mobile safari and restart the music. That’s kind of a pain, I’m not gonna lie, but I’m blown away everyday by how freakin awesome this thing. Hope that helps you—sorry for being slow with this response. And good luck getting an update at macworld (I thought about doing the same thing, but I feel pretty sure that it’ll be August before an update. Sorry man…)

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