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RSS Week is Over


RSS WeekBelieve it or not, we spent the whole week on RSS. Murphy hopes you enjoyed it. Here’s a review:

Bonus: we made it easy for your readers to add your blog to My Yahoo or Google pages.

That’s a lot of work! Reward yourself and take a minute to check out Tiger’s RSS screensaver. It’s nice to look at. (requires Quartz)

Murphy isn’t a big screensaver user. But as long as we’re talking about them, this one is about the best ever.

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5 comments to “RSS Week is Over”

  1. Hi Murphy!

    I’ve been watching your blog already for a few weeks and was very curious about the RSS week. But now I’m a little bit disappointed.
    What’s about feed reader Applications? – Well, your hints are great, sometimes they don’t fit my needs, but they’re pretty cool. Good Work!

    The point is, I’ve been looking for a good RSS feed reader for years. All readers I tried were not good enough for me. I found Shrook, Vienna, NetNewsWire and some other even worse readers. Currently I’m using Vienna. Do you or your readers have any suggestions for feed readers one should try?

    Thanks for that!

  2. Heiko –

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve been using Google Reader.

    Maybe the Murphy Mac readers will kick in with some comments.

    Thanks for visiting Murphy Mac!

  3. What a great site … just discovered it yesterday, got here by accident !

    Keep up the wonderful job murphy !


  4. btw, I use NewsFire, got it with the mac heist bundle. GREAT APP !!

  5. Thanks Felipe! Tell your friends!!

    I’ll give NewsFire a try.


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