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Remove Extra Albums from iPad Photos


alubmsIf you’ve copied lots of photos over to your iPad and noticed extra albums it could be because the folder enclosing those albums is showing up as an album.

For example, I created a folder in iPhoto called iPad and stuck albums inside named Florida, Sugar Mountain, and Egg Hunt. After syncing the photos to my iPad I had four albums on the device – one was called iPad – which I didn’t really want.

The iPad album on the device was based on the iPad folder in iPhoto. Which I wasn’t able to uncheck while I had all three albums checked.

Solution: Put a dummy album in the folder and don’t check it. This prevents the folder name from being checked and showing up on the device.

The folder doesn’t add much functionality with regard to the iPad, unless you’re looking for a simple way to combine albums. Arguably it’s easier to check a folder than ten albums and it’s good for keeping stuff tidy. But you still don’t have a nested hierarchy on the device like you do in iPhoto.

More thoughts on the iPad later today.

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3 comments to “Remove Extra Albums from iPad Photos”

  1. I have a question, I have my folders of albums in sequence order, so when I show them, they have flow. When they are synced to Ipad, the appear in random order.
    I’ve tried to rename then in an “a,b,c” order and also a “1,2,3” order.
    Any thoughts?

  2. I want to create a slide show with pictures from more than one albums so I want to combine albums. How do I do that?

  3. You can make a Smart album that combines two or more other albums.

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