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Remote Desktop Control – iPhone or iPod touch


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A true Apple fan from deep in the backwoods of County Meath – that’s Ireland – dropped two nuggets of info on Murphy today:  Two ways to remote control a computer from your iPhone or iPod touch.

First, there’s, which has become a favorite remote control option for Murphy.  It’s secure, it’s free, and it makes maintaining a list of the computers you connect to simple.  When Murphy signs into he sees which computers are online – and can connect with a click from a web browser.  From anywhere.

This post by the Technology Evengelist shows how you can make a simple change to your preferences so your iPhone or iPod touch can be used as the client.  First you select the computer you want to make the change for, then update the preferences to use an html client when connecting.  Details in the post.

VNC Lite

If you prefer VNC there’s a client in the App Store called Mocha VNC Lite, as reported by Just Another Iphone Blog.  I was connected to my Mac in about 45 seconds including the install.  VNC on a tiny screen requires a little patience, but it’s great to have the access when you don’t have a computer.

More Remote Tips

Murphy has tons of posts – tons – to help you with gaining access to a remote Mac.  We’ve got you covered from getting started with SSH and SCP to emailing yourself a filename – and automatically having the file sent to you in a reply.  Murphy also has posts on auto-emailing a file that’s dropped in a Finder folder.  So you can ssh in, copy a file to a folder, and it’s on its way.

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  1. Thanks a lot! And did you know anything about ActyMac Screenshot Remote actymac? Did you use it? I heard that it allows to get desktop video from your Mac to iPhone.

  2. TeamViewer is another option. Additionally, on premise RHUB remote support appliances can also be used for establishing remote connections between iPad, iPhone and computer. Browser is required.

  3. Aint that the truth, I’ve moved since then, although I kept most of my books there. My mom stoers em for me as I don’t have room for them now. I remember moving into that place, I used a ton of smallish boxes so it wouldn’t be so heavy. It took forever and no one else wanted to lift em. LOL

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