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Radically Inexpensive iPad Stand


Walking out of the Apple store I had an idea: Use a book stand for an iPad stand. I looked around inside the Sur La Table store right next to the Apple store – didn’t see any dedicated book stands but they had plenty of plate holders. I picked one up and saw the name Gibson Holder on the bottom. Found a variant of the plate stand on Amazon, the N4 Display Stand.

It’s a stable stand. The white looks ok in my kitchen. And it’s inexpensive enough to have a few in the house.

When I got mine it was under $3 at Amazon, I bought a single. It looks like they come in a 6 pack now for $8. I don’t see the single listed anymore.

In portrait mode it obstructs the home button and the charging port. I’m almost always in landscape so I don’t really mind.
Some people might think it’s too rigid and that it might scratch the iPad. Generally I don’t worry about that stuff – but maybe you do. I carry my iPhone in my pocket without a case. Admittedly, I expected more of a pliable coating on the wire frame, but I’m still happy with it as an iPad stand. The feel is like a sturdy coat hanger.

I use it mostly in my kitchen, more photos below.

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