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Quicktime Title Page


Note: This requires Quicktime Pro.

Admittedly, it’s frustrating that Apple doesn’t include Quicktime Pro with OS X. To be fair, you get iMovie with a Mac purchase, and that more than evens you out with the Windows crowd.

For some, Quicktime’s simple appearance is deceptive. It’s quite powerful, and can be automated for all kinds of repetitious tasks. People who need that functionality probably have no qualms about shelling out thirty bucks. But what about the rest of us?

When you just want to make some quick cuts or export to a new format it’s hard to beat QT Pro. You don’t have to pull your movie into a different file format like you do with iMovie. And for many tasks you can simply save your results as a reference movie, without taking up tons of disk space.

But those are things for another day. The screencast shows how to add a title to the beginning of your movie. If you followed Murphy’s instructions on making a Quicktime skin for your movie, you might want to do this so people will know to hit the spacebar for playback.

If you want to see the resulting .mov file (starring Murphy’s cat) from the screencast, download it here.

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