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Quicktime Auto-Play and Auto-Close


If you distribute Quicktime content without embedding it in a web page you might want to apply a skin to your video. Murphy’s covered that before. The downside of the skin is that the controls don’t show up, unless you create some – which requires some commitment to the task.

Quicktime Auto-play and Auto-closeYour viewers might not know how to initiate playback on your Quicktime movie, unless you’ve added a title page with instructions to hit the space bar. Making the movie auto-play could alleviate some confusion.

The screencast shows how to make your movie auto-play and auto-close. The interface also has an option for auto-quitting. Follow this link to learn how to make a skin for your Quicktime movie or click here for instructions on making a title page.

A skin really sets your movie apart and draws attention. Someone might even think you know what you’re doing. Maybe.

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  1. That’s a great tip! I’m off to make my own skin for my tutorials now. Thanks a lot.

  2. Are you going to post a link to your skin so we can see it?!

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