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Quicktime – Always on Top


Quicktime - Always on TopYou don’t need third party tools to keep your Quicktime movie always on top. Select your movie in Finder, hit Shift-Command-Y, and your movie opens in a Sticky.  (The keyboard shortcut invokes an item in Services)  Set the Sticky to float and the movie stays on top of other windows. Now you can get some work done with the movie playing in the corner, but your other windows won’t cover the video.

You could also look at this as an easier way to play your Quicktime file back borderless. They won’t be perfectly borderless, like Murphy showed you in this tip. But setting the Sticky color to gray makes it look pretty close. The extra screen real estate is nice to have on a laptop. And Murphy’s other Quicktime tip didn’t have the Always on Top option.

It’s a little surprising Apple hasn’t added an Always on Top menu to Quicktime. But this seems like a reasonable workaround. Take a look as Murphy plays with Quicktime and Sticky notes in the screencast.

UPDATE: The keyboard short cut might not work anymore, but you can still drag a quicktime movie from Finder into a Stickie and set the Stickie to float. That will keep your movie on top.

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13 comments to “Quicktime – Always on Top”

  1. any idea how to keep quicktime always on top on pc windows?

  2. Sorry Omar – no idea.

  3. thanx for a cool tip!

  4. Check XNeat at .
    it will allows you to make any window stay on top in windows PC.

  5. great tip indeed
    thanks a bunch for this one
    (great for watching a film with subs where i can’t follow the
    story when i’m in another window)

  6. Thanks for this tip, it’s an awesome one that helps much when I want to watch seminars while working.

    thank you so much. w0rd up man. u r like g0d.

  8. This doesn’t work when it’s an audio or video file and you’re following a transcript that’s open in Microsoft Word. Why wouldn’t Apple put something as simple as “Always on Top” in quicktime? What lazy bums!

  9. Why on earth doesn’t Apple add the commmand into the app like so many others do? Even QT10 STILL doesn’t have it, but the PC version does.

    I do not understand this.

    Anyone got any idea why Apple are so unaware?

  10. Doesn’t seem to work on snow leopard, but found a way that worked:

  11. Short answer – Quicktime is a crap viewer. Always has been. Probably always will be. They should ban the .mov extension as a matter of courtesy to all humans.

  12. I read this article fully concerning the resemblance of hottest and earlier technologies, it’s amazing article.

  13. Thankfully, under Yosemite QuickTime has a Float on Top option under the View menu…

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