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Quick Tip – Quick View Shortcut for Grid Layout


In Tiger I used to select multiple images in Finder and then invoke the Slideshow function.  One of my favorite features was hitting the i key to quickly invoke the grid mode.  I love grid mode.

In Leopard I expected the same thing to happen in Quick View, but my i key was rendered useless.  Then I read somewhere that Command+Enter invokes the grid in Leopard Quick View.  Nice.  I’d give credit to whoever posted the comment, but I forget who it was.

So – select some images in Finder.  Tap the space bar.  Then hit Command+Enter.  Done.

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2 comments to “Quick Tip – Quick View Shortcut for Grid Layout”

  1. You must mean Command+Return rather than Command+Enter, right? On my system, Command+Enter (the Enter key on my numeric keypad) doesn’t seem to do anything in Quick Look. This is, of course, using a Mac keyboard.

  2. That’s right. After years of using a PC I use the Enter and Return interchangeably, but they’re not the same on a Mac. Command+Return is correct.

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