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Print a List of Your Files


Print a file list The Finder isn’t very helpful when it comes to printing a list of your files. Sure – you could take some screenshots. Murphy considers that a sloppy solution.

You already know a little about the ls command. With your newfound Terminal skills you can list all the files in a directory or folder. And have the list written to a tidy little text file. This Snippet will show you how to list files by size or date. And how to explore subfolders too.

We’ll also review pico and cat. If you don’t remember those tools you should review them first. Watch the warning about using Terminal here.

After watching this Snippet you’ll know how to open a list of your files in Excel or Textedit or some other application. From there you can print.  Or check out how to make a PDF listing a folder’s contents.

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3 comments to “Print a List of Your Files”

  1. I selected all items in a folder, copied and in Word did a ‘paste special’ -as unformatted text. Got an editable list of my MP3 players songs! (No sub-folders or such of course).

  2. Ross… best comment ever! Thanks a lot!!!

  3. Ross, you’re a hero. Simply copy – pasting in word als unformatted text works brilliant!

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