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Pre Macworld Bits and Pieces


Bits and PiecesAnother Preview Tip, Using LogMeIn to Help Remote Users, Thoughts About Macworld

More with Preview in Leopard – Murphy already showed you some new tricks with Preview. But did you know you can combine multiple photos together in Preview now? Open photos X and Y. Select part of photo X and copy to the clipboard. Select photo Y and paste it in.You can even rotate the selection by holding the Command key while you drag a corner handle. You can do the same thing within a single photo too. Here’s an example.

2007 MVP – Picking the Most Valuable Product of 2007 was pretty easy for Murphy. is the winner. Murphy is a long-time user of cross-platform VNC. But LogMeIn is the new go-to tool for supporting other users on Windows or a Mac. (linux users might want to read this)

Murphy doesn’t provide phone support for friends anymore. He’s got them all added to his LogMeIn account. When Murphy signs in to LogMeIn he sees a list of computers – used by the people he routinely helps. A click on the computer name and he can start a remote control session.

Some people might find installing LogMeIn to be easier than getting VNC running and finding the IP of the remote machine. ( Once installed, you don’t have to wonder about the remote machine’s ip, you just click its name and get a secure connection. There’s also full screen mode, and clipboard crossover. Nice.

Murphy has the people he supports install LogMeIn under his account. Then he changes the password. That way all the machines he supports are listed in one place. Even when Murphy is using someone else’s machine he has easy access to all the computers he supports.

There’s a big brother aspect to this: It’s easy for Murphy to see who is online and when. But then again, he’s providing a valuable service free of charge! By the way, you can get more features by paying for LogMeIn – but Murphy has been getting by just fine with the free version.

So far, LogMeIn has been much easier to use for support than VNC or MSN Messenger(for Windows friends). But VNC is still Murphy’s choice in the house. It’s much faster to open up a desktop on a machine upstairs with VNC than it would be with LogMeIn.

Note: Leopard has a new screen sharing tool that Murphy hasn’t tried yet.

Here’s more information on VNC.

Only Days Until Macworld – Murphy the Stockholder is hoping for big surprises next week. It seems like the press has gotten word of Steve’s announcements before he makes them lately. The iPhone wasn’t a big surprise. The Fatty Nano was leaked in advance. But sometimes we get a surprise. Remember when the ROKR was announced? Nobody knew Mr. Jobs was holding the first Nano in his pocket. (actually, maybe engadget knew) Perhaps we’ve got a surprise brewing this time too. But what could it be?

It seems too early for 3G. The June iPhone buyers would cry. Not to mention last week’s buyers. The technology needs a few more months to bake anyway.A tuner on Apple TV? Doubt it. DVR? Don’t think so. But something. Maybe a Blu-ray player.

We’d really like to see a larger form-factor iPod touch. Not a tablet in the sense we’ve seen on PC devices, where it’s a laptop that the screen flips around on. Too bulky and awkward. Make the iPod touch bigger, maybe half a sheet of paper. But just as thin. Make it work with the new Bluetooth keyboard. Done.

aapl’s price has been beaten down. What’s going on there? Does Wall Street know there’s not much to announce next week? Movie rentals and a sub-notebook, ho-hum? Maybe. You’d think the impeding earnings report for the first quarter would prop the stock up a little bit! Not that it hasn’t done remarkably well, but it looks like Apple has been oversold this week.

We won’t have to wait much longer. But if there’s something you’d really like to see announced next week post it in the comments.

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