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PDF File Listing


PDF File ListingYour Mac can do it. Windows users have been wanting this for a long time. Maybe Vista has it?

You want to print a list of the files in a folder. It’s easy. Watch the screencast to see how. If you don’t have a printer in your Sidebar you should watch Stupid Sidebar Tricks.

There’s also a MurphyMac screencast about generating a list of files in the Terminal. From there you can simply print the text file.

Click Watch Now to see the screencast on making a pdf.

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16 comments to “PDF File Listing”

  1. Awesome trick! Very, very useful! Thanks very much!

  2. I create a new plain text file in TextEdit, and then command-A, drag all the files into the text file. Then you can copy that text and make it look pretty if you want to print it out and, say, make a quick CD cover.

  3. I wish you could get a list of the subfolders’ contents as well. Too bad you can’t just print the actual window as it looks in the finder (not a screenshot, but a file list with any expanded subfolders showing).

  4. Thats a pretty good trick. Its nice and easy.

    Lewis: I just wrote up a quick blog with instructions on how to get subfolder contents to print.

    To summarize it, you use the “ls” command in a terminal window.

  5. There’s a screencast on this site about using Terminal for listing files and printing. I don’t remember if it covered subfolders though.

    If it didn’t, take a look at the screencast on DF and DU. That should help.


  6. This is a good trick…..
    Thanks for the inspiration…

    But it is not the print window command we used to have in os9 (and earlier)…..
    Am I the only one who wants that back?

  7. Flash videos will not play for me.

  8. Sorry to hear that benglett. You’re the first person to have reported this since the site went up in November.

  9. Windows users have been able to do this since before window’s. Open a “COMMAND PROMPT” and type DIR /S >> TEXTFILE.TXT then simply print the created text file.

  10. Hi, Just found your helpful website. I was not able to play the video explaining what to do to get a list of folders through having an alias of my printer on the sidebar. Might anyone be able to explain it without the video, or tell how I might be able to view the video. I am working with a new Imac on updated SnowLeopard.

    Thanks. Philip Rosenthal

  11. Lewis: I also needed to do this. When I dragged files into TextEdit in Snow Leopard, it asked me if I wanted to insert the files or just aliases, not what I wanted. I found a post from this site:

    “One really simple way to do this is the following:

    1) Open TextEdit (or, I assume, any text application).

    2) Navigate to the folder in question with your Finder.

    3) Select a file within said folder and press command A to select all.

    4) Press command C to copy.

    5) Return to TextEdit and hold down command, option, and shift, and then hit V to paste and match style.

    Voilà. There’s your list.”

    If you put the Finder window in list view, then you can select files in sub-folders all at once (can’t do that in Windows 😉 ). If you have lots of folders, holding down Command while clicking the triangle will also expand all the sub-folders.

  12. …and that places a giant rock on top of this topic. Well, you know, sometimes the simplest solution… Thank you very much, Justin. :)

  13. yeeeey

  14. I want file and document sizes also! Selecting “all” and pasting into text doesn’t give date or size info. I had the same problem trying to use the “terminal” application. This shouldn’t be rocket science, but it appears to be … Grrr.

  15. Perfect solution Justin, thank you very much!

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