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New and Improved: Finder Emailing


Murphy posted about emailing from Finder a while back. This new screencast was entered in the Macinstruct tutorial contest, winner to be announced next week.

Finder MailerJust drag a file to a folder and it flies off to a pre-determined email address. Optionally, have the action prompt you for a subject so you can find it later.

Murphy finds this technique extremely useful for quickly backing up important files to a dummy Gmail account – especially with the new 20MB attachment size. You have files you can’t bring yourself to delete? Drag them to the folder and they’re on their way to a mail server, just in case you want them later. No addressing, no need to click send. It’s just sent. Murphy knows you can drag files to the Mail icon in the Dock. This is more direct – no extra clicks!

If you’ve got multiple assistants you send files to all the time you could create a folder for each. Dragging a file to their folder is like dragging it to their inbox.

The new screencast details both a Folder Action and an Automator solution. They achieve the same thing in terms of sending. The difference is that the Automator method leaves the file in its original location on your disk, which might be more convenient. But the Folder Action method can be utilized from an SSH session. That opens up a lot of possibilities and offers extra convenience.

The Automator solution comes from a post on TUAW that was inspired by a post on MacOSXHints that was submitted by Murphy. How’s that for a chain of events?

Visit the previous post to download the AppleScripts used in the screencast.

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13 comments to “New and Improved: Finder Emailing”

  1. HI! Just found this site …. Great!!! I’m a new for mac and wanted to learn the use of Automotor for a while …. :)
    p.s. The mail workflow will work only with Mail app. or witj other mail clients aas Thunderbird either?

  2. This script is great!

    How would i get it to use the file name as the subject line?

  3. Love this – but was wondering if anyone could help me…
    I’m trying to get the Applescript to check to see if the file is bigger than the sendable size (20Mb).
    I’ve got this code
    tell application “Finder”
    set fileSize to physical size of eachitem
    end tell
    if fileSize is greater than 20971519 then
    Which gets the size but now I’m stuck.
    If the file is bigger than the 20Mb limit i want the script to proceed to the next repeat loop (next file) rather than quitting the Applescript altogether or running the remainder of the code (send the file).
    I should be able to do this two ways: either using a command that tells the script to skip to next loop or jump from there to the end of the script (above end repeat) and start the next loop that way.
    Anyone know how to do this?
    (like a goto: command)

  4. Hi,its working fine….Is it possible to set this folder action for the child folder.If Mail act as main folder and Mail To is the sub folder, is it possible to trace the folder action for the Mail To sub folder.If i dropa ny item into the Mail To(Sub folder) it shoul watch the action…………
    Please help me…

  5. Not sure exactly what you’re asking. Sorry!

  6. Exactly what i search !
    Very find!

    One question:

    Is-it possible to completly hide Mail during the process?

    second one, How set the file name as the subject line?

    Bye from Canada

  7. Stephane –

    Check this post and comment submitted by Chris Holden, that might take care of you.

    If you minimize email I think it stays out of sight. If it’s just hidden it comes out. I think.

  8. Hi Murphy,

    I’ve been trying out your script on a 10.5.4 machine but getting some fairly erratic results. I tried your permissions thing from the earlier post but that hasn’t helped.

    It seems there is a maximum of 7 emails with file attachments that will automatically get sent with the 8th always stopping just before inputting the recipient name.

    Notably, when I use another script to move files from several other locations into my “Send Mail” folder to which this script is attached, it does exactly the same same thing but this time on the 1st message.

    Just wondering if you knew of any conflicts or limitations that might be causing this.

  9. Very Nice Automator Script.
    Does anybody know how I can drop multiple files to the Program and
    they are sent as individual emails ? (Not all in one email),

  10. Great script, working well with one exception: I get two copies of anything i mail using the automator method. I can’t figure out why.

  11. I´m having the same problem as Jason. Has anyone figured out why this is happening?

  12. This is exactly what the Dr. ordered. I was curious if anyone else had any luck getting the subject line to equal the filename?

    @joe any luck getting this to happen?

    – Jason

  13. I was having the same problem with receiving two attachments of the same file. It seems that after you enter in your own information into the script (email address, recipient, etc.) you need to save the script’s file format as .script. For some reason, the default file format is text. Not sure why that matters, but it did the trick for me!

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