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Mystery App for iLife: iPad MediaBook Builder


mockupRumors have been circulating: The new 64-bit iLife ’11 will ship with a “Mystery App” – and without iDVD.   Could these two rumored details be related?

Here’s what I expect:  An iLife application for creating rich iPad “MediaBooks” – virtual photobook presentations you swipe your way through.  A page contains some combination of photos, videos, maps, and text.  Music tracks are assigned to a range of pages.  The layout might be very similar to the books you create and purchase as printed copies through iPhoto.  But they’re multimedia, instant and free. Click the photo above for an ultracrude-mockup.

The format would replace what many people would have done with iDVD.  Until now, iDVD has been the way to distribute and present (minimally) interactive content.  But DVD menus aren’t the most inviting interface.  Given a choice between navigating a DVD or flicking through pages on an iPad which do you think Steve Jobs would pick?

The flipbook model better reflects Apple’s direction.  Does Jobs want you gathering people around the TV to watch a DVD, or would he prefer passing an iPad around – immersing people in a mediabook of your summer?  The same gestures used in the iPad’s native photo app are a crowd-pleaser – pinching and expanding a virtual pile of photos. Expand a video to play full screen. View included maps in the Maps application. It’s an application that sells iPads.

Throw in some slick page turn animations and the people still using iDVD will forget about it.  Best of all – it’s a reason for iPad-owning Windows users to consider a Mac.

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4 comments to “Mystery App for iLife: iPad MediaBook Builder”

  1. I hope this is true.

  2. This is a really smart idea and like Fromage, I also hope that it is true. I also believe that Apple are set on a physical-free future where files are sent through the cloud. For movies and photos this is already possible but for a creative-rich experience provided by iDVD can’t yet be reproduced or shared via email due to the size of files.

    I think (and hope) you’ve got it spot on. But would also like this to extend to any mac or pc because I wouldn’t want to just create mediabooks for my iPad-owning friends.

  3. This would be cool. Would you view them in iBooks??

  4. Aaand…for those who don’t have iPads? Cool idea, but I don’t think Apple would create an iLife application that wasn’t a more comprehensively universal one.

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