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Murphy’s New Feature


murphys-new-featureMurphy spends a lot of time fretting over how long each bubble should stay on screen when he’s creating screencasts, down to tenths of a second. Some people want the demos to move faster than others.

You can always use the controls at the bottom of the demo to move from one bubble to the next. But Murphy now provides arrows in the bubble itself, which you might find more convenient, and more interactive.

Click to see the screencast demo of the new functionality. And let Murphy know what Leopard screencasts you want to see!

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2 comments to “Murphy’s New Feature”

  1. Ah, nice one Murphy!

    Looking forward to learning some new tricks from you …

  2. I would prefer if the arrows at the bottom of the movie would behave like the new ones at the bottom of the bubbles. (If you click on an arrow at the bottom of the movie, you don’t always get to the next bubble (sometimes you have to click twice).) Then, of course, the new arrows would get obsolete.

    (I prefer the position of the old arrows because you don’t have to move your mouse to get to the next bubble.)

    Keep up the good work!


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