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Microsoft’s iPad Competitor


Ballmer discussing Microsoft’s lack of product in the iPad category reminded me of an HBO film called The Pentagon Wars (YTube link).  The plot covers the misguided development of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.  Here’s a brief excerpt from wikipedia:

Originally developed as an armored personnel carrier by Colonel Robert L. Smith (Schiff), the Bradley, after being subjected to the changing (and often conflicting) demands of a panel of armchair generals, is transformed into a hybrid of a troop carrier, a scout vehicle, and an anti-tank weapon platform. To make room for the weaponry, its complement of troops is reduced from eleven to six men; and despite its firepower, it has to be made of lightweight aluminum to serve as a scout vehicle. In the incredulous summation of Burton and his assistant, Sgt. Fanning (Viola Davis), the finished Bradley is “a troop transport that can’t carry troops, a reconnaissance vehicle that’s too conspicuous to do reconnaissance, and a quasi-tank that has less armor than a snowblower, but carries enough ammo to take out half of D.C.

By the time General Partridge is put in charge of the project, the Bradley has been in development for seventeen years, at a cost of $14 billion.

Tablets running full Windows had their chance.

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  1. Is this Steve Ballmer describing his development of a Microsoft Equivalent to the Ipad or what? Kind of confusing here. Has Steve used one yet?

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