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Make a Widget in Five Seconds


make a widgetMurphy’s never tried to make a Widget before, but it sure was easy using Safari. Take a look at the screencast to see just how easy it was.

We’re not sure what the limits are, you can make yourself some Widgets and see. Murphy made one from a webcam on Waikiki Beach and it updated just like the one on the web page.

If Murphy gets a chance he might try to make a more complicated Widget that runs commands in Terminal.

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6 comments to “Make a Widget in Five Seconds”

  1. The ‘Watch now’ link gets me an ‘Error 404 – Not Found’

    Please fix!

  2. Fixed, thanks Heiko

  3. So simple that I couldn’t believe that I did not previously know about this. Thanks, Murph!

    By the way, very sad to hear that Murph is a ‘Beagles’ fan. Go Cowboys :)

  4. The only good thing about the Cowboys is the Tony Romo commercial with the ESPN party.

    I think I’ve got some other Eagles references in the screencasts, but I don’t remember.

    About the Widget maker – I didn’t expect it to work for anything but the most simple web pages. I was pleasantly surprised.


  6. Joe –

    In Safari click the View menu. Select Customize Toolbar. Drag the button from that panel to your toolbar. Done.

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