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iweb rssYour iWeb blog has an RSS feed built right in. But you can make it easier for your readers to subscribe to it. This screencast shows how to provide links that add your feed to My Yahoo and Google homepage.

We’ll also look at making sure the RSS feed works when you publish to a folder instead of .Mac. If you’ve found the iWeb URL field confusing, we’ll clear things up. If you don’t enter the right URL in the field your iWeb RSS feed won’t work.

When you’re done watching, click Murphy’s Yahoo / Google links on his start page. You wouldn’t want to miss a post!

NOTE: If you’re here because the RSS feed on your iWeb blog doesn’t work, make sure you watch the second half of this screencast.

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20 comments to “iWeb RSS”

  1. Hello,

    I followed your screencast and the RSS feeds basically work but thumbnails never display in IE, Firefox and Safari. Any hints?


  2. The RSS tutorial was great and it worked for Yahoo but not Google (the message on Google reads (Information is temporarily unavailable). I’ve checked it over and over again for any typos I might have made, but it seems everything is in working order. Any ideas?

    Question 2: I want to change the title of the RSS “Events”–which I didn’t select in the first place, to another name like “Calender” but even though the word “Event” is no longer listed in the URL or iWeb, it is still coming up as the title in Yahoo and Google.

    I appreciate any assistance.


  3. Hi I looked at your video and I double checked everything you had said in regards to the rss.xml and I had it all correct but it still will not work. I get the 404 error Not Found

    The requested URL /html/Newsletter/rss.xml was not found on this server.

    I made sure all files were there and named right and that the rss feed was there as well. It was because it was automatically put there by iWeb. I reloaded the newsletter file folder and it still does not work. Are there any other folders that I need to update in order for the RSS to work. I’m about ready to just remove it from the site and not mess with the RSS.

  4. I’ll email you, but looking at your site you probably don’t have the correct entry in the field asking for your domain name when you publish. I think you’ve added “html” to the end of the url string. And it shouldn’t be there.

    Correction: It looks like the site name folder wasn’t published to the web host – because you named your site ‘html’ it was hard to tell what happened !

  5. Hi Murphy,

    I created my website in iWeb and uploaded it to my Netfirms server using Cyberduck. The fact that Cyberduck doesn’t recognize how to synchronize only the new pages is one frustration… and not your area of expertise most likely. But, it might affect the nature of your response to my RSS feed question.

    I used the regular RSS feed button in iWeb but, once the website is on the web, you get this message when you try to get it to feed: The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    I’m thinking this is because Netfirms has put my website info into a subfolder. I say this because your info for linking to google worked when I put in this address:

    (Or, at least it has in iWeb – I haven’t uploaded the new changes yet)
    My question is: how do I get the iWeb RSS feed to work? Also, a similar problem is happening with the Podcast feed that I put on the GUIDED MEDITATIONS page.
    Can you help a major rookie out of her internet black hole?

  6. Hello Murphy,

    My problem is exactly the same as Tina’s, but I’ve named the site folder correctly, I think…

    Please help me before I go completely bald from tearing my hair out.


  7. Hi,

    no wbsite in the internet answer a very simple question regarding the rss feed in IWEB. What if I want to subscribe to an external news feed and show it into my website? I just want to show the news feed in my website I don’t want my website visitors to subscribe to any of my feeds. How can I solve this problem??? In IWEB there’s only the chance of putting a button that is for subscribing to the website users to the website content but I don’t want this.I just want to show external news not mine. How can I solve this?

  8. Im only just getting in to RSS feeds but I think its fantastic

  9. Hello,

    I found your tutorial very helpful so I thank you. I got everything to work except for the RSS subscribe button. When I hit that I get taken to a error page that reads:

    Not Found

    The requested URL / was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    If you dont mind, could you have a look at my site, and hit the blog link on the bottom right.

    FYI, I am using Filezilla for my uploads.

    I certainly apprecaite your help!


  10. I get David’s question a lot. After following up I found it was because he hadn’t uploaded the folder named after his site name in iWeb. When you publish you’ll see a folder in Finder with the same name as your site, this is the folder to upload. Not just its contents.

  11. still trying to get rss feed to work. I really liked your video. I would like to make some instructional videos for my students. What program/software did you use to create your video?


  12. Hi,
    like many others my RSS is not working…
    Instead of using the rss button in iweb, I used an icon which I linked to the RSS feed.
    The icon is working, and I can subscribe to the feed, but the pictures won’t load nor the articles. Whenever I clic a link I get the broken link message.
    It seems like it,s almost working what’s the missing piece here?
    I uploaded the files AND the main folder to the site.
    any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!

  13. Good morning,

    I just came across this page while searching for a way to resolve an RSS issue with my blog.

    I started this nature and science oriented blog (accessible through the menu at the top left of the first page of my website) several weeks ago. I use iWeb and publish to mobile me. However, it seems that the RSS button only links back to the first page of the site and doesn’t allow others to subscribe. While I’m good with the mac, I haven’t ever used an RSS feed myself and do not know what to do to make this a normal subscribe situation for others.

    Would you have any ideas? Short of that, do you know where I might go for help?
    Rich Wolfert
    East Brunswick, NJ

  14. Rich – You’re the first one to tell me about an RSS problem while using Apple hosting, usually it’s people using a third party host.

    The blog is on your page but the RSS button points to the njnaturenotes domain. That’s the problem.

    Did you manually add that RSS button? How did you publish from iWeb? You didn’t manually upload the pages – did you? Was the plan to put this blog under the domain?

    You can email me if you’re really stuck. murphy at murphymac dot com

  15. Hi Murphy,

    Just checked my RSS feeds for my networked blogs account in FB only to discover that the images linked to my posts are all wrong.


    The images being posted on the RSS feed are all wrong, although if you look at the webpage itself, the images are correct.

    I’m using one of the default templates in iWeb and I just plug in the images via my iPhoto library or sometimes through other external files.

    For entries, since I want them uniform, I just duplicate my latest entry and replace the photo from that entry with a new one.

    I use the default RSS button on the blog page but for the landing page of my site, I made a new one.

    Thank you :)


  16. Hi,

    I keep a simple photo blog for myself, but a few friends have subscribed through their RSS on their blogs, such as blogger or wordpress. When I see it in their blogroll, it’s titled “My Blog”, which I’ve never selected. I looked through the questions previously asked on here, and it seems to be similar to Teresa’s, but not Tina’s. In iWeb, the site publishing settings page has the set correctly (no .html!) and doesn’t say “My Blog” anywhere. I’ve checked the inspector for each page and looked through the help pages, but I can’t seem to find the answer. Here, on one of my friend’s blogs, you can see it labelled as “My Blog” in the right hand column. Please help!

    and here’s my blog link:

    Thanks for any insight.

  17. Hey Jae –

    That’s definitely a different issue than what we’re talking about here. This post was more for people using third party hosts.

    I opened your pages and looked at the source code. I don’t see “My Blog” anywhere in your code, which makes me think it’s a weird Blogger issue. Have you asked your friend to remove the link to your blog and add it back in?

    It would be interesting to see what happens if your friend adds another Mobile Me hosted blog….

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