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iTunes Windows


Rusty LopezFirst off, thanks to everyone who Dugg this old post. Murphy made it to the front page of Digg on Sunday. Exciting stuff! Now, on to today’s business….

Mondays are for beginners. So yes, chances are you already know about multiple windows in iTunes. But if you don’t, this can help you out. For that one person who doesn’t know about mutliple windows in iTunes, we have a screencast.

Murphy doesn’t like scrolling up and down the tree when he’s going back and forth from the Library to a playlist to his podcasts. So he opens the playlist in a separate window. Then he can hop around in the main window, dragging items to the playlist.

You can also open your Podcasts in a separate window with a double-click. You might find this helpful when you’re snooping around the Music Store subscribing to a bunch of podcasts.

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