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iTunes Twofer Double Shot Block Party


Block PartyYou’d think this soon after wrapping iTunes week we’d be done with iTunes. But there’s one more script to take a look at before we put the jukebox on the back burner for a while.

Do you remember the days before iTunes and iPods when you listened to Double Shot days on the radio? Block Parties with three or four songs in a row by the same group?

The Block Party script generates a somewhat random playlist that includes multiple songs by each included artist. How many songs? That’s up to you. How big is the list? You can specify a number of artists or a duration. The download includes a readme with more information, like how to change the name of the playlist the script creates.

The script comes from Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes – a site we visited last week.

Murphy is feeling nostalgic for Double Shot Tuesdays on WMMR in Philadelphia. You?

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