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iTunes Remote Management Scripts


remote management scripts

iTunes lets you access songs shared on a remote computer. But it’s sort of a one-way relationship. You can’t edit the playlists or copy the actual song files between computers. Unless you get a little help.

Downloading the Remote Management Scripts provides more functionality. The scripts act on tracks you’ve selected in a shared library. Then they use mechanisms like Personal File Sharing and Remote Apple Events to copy or edit those tracks. Or edit the playlist. There’s even a script to copy tracks from the local machine to the library on the remote machine. And vice versa.

Doug’s Applescripts for iTunes provides the scripts, along with hundreds of other useful scripts. You might not realize how many things iTunes doesn’t do until you see what all these scripts can do.

This set of scripts comes with a handy centralized file for storing your specific system information, like computer and user names. The other scripts call this script at run time. You might want to leave your password out of the script for security reasons. But you’ll be prompted at run time.

We saw Remote Apple Events earlier in the week, with Remote Remote. Remote Remote facilitates playback on a remote machine along with several other functions.

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