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iPhoto Review Tool : Automator


iPhoto has a lot of stuff packed inside. Book makers, slideshows, greeting cards, special effects – it’s easy to get distracted when you’re trying to clean house and delete some photos. That’s where Automator comes in.

Just add three actions to a workflow – you’ll find them all under iPhoto in Automator:

  1. Ask for Photos
  2. Review Photos
  3. New iPhoto Album

You’ll probably want the last one to prompt you for a name, so check the option to “Show Action When Run”.

Save the workflow as an application. When you run it you’ll see the same mini-browser we saw in a post last week. But you’ll also get a handy panel asking you to approve or reject each image. Make your choices, and an album will fill with your rejects. You could reverse the process and have Automator do something with the Approved images, like adding them to a Finder folder.

Confused? See it all in a screencast.

Once you’ve isolated your rejects in an album you can remove the files from your disk. Here’s more information on deleting from iPhoto.

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