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iPhoto Mini Browser


iPhoto Mini BrowserUsing a single Automator action you can pop open a mini iPhoto browser that lists your library, albums and images. You get quick access to your photos without fully opening iPhoto.

The action is designed to kick off workflows, letting you select the photos other actions will act upon. So the Workflow is active while the window is open.
You could add other actions to the Workflow, but you don’t have to. It was demonstrated on an episode of MacBreak Weekly with a second action to open the selected photos in Preview if you clicked Choose instead of Cancel.

You can open the browser a number of ways. To make it highly accessible you might want to assign a function key to it. You can do that with Xkeys, a freeware application Murphy uses in the screencast.

While playing with Automator you might notice an iPhoto action for reviewing photos. It facilitates simply accepting or rejecting photos, and passing them on to another action. You could dump all the rejects to an album for example. Sure, you could do this in iPhoto with other tools. But this action keeps you on task if you’re easily distracted! Maybe we’ll screencast that another day.

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  1. Tottaly screencast the review function.

  2. Brilliant, best one ever, I’m sublitting this to digg. You Murphy are my new fave site, cheers!

  3. Hello! I have a question. Can I add it to contextual menue of mouse right click and not to Automotor > ….. ?

  4. Dear Randy,Apparently it’s not working for me The auoomattr is working perfectly copying the files to the folder, but alas I cannot get it to work. Can you help?James

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