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iPhoto Book to Movie


iPhoto Book to Movie

iPhoto books look great in print. But you can share your book as a movie too.

An apparently undocumented feature facilitates exporting straight to a Quicktime movie from your iPhoto book. Just hold the Option key when you click the Play button within your book. You’ll see the same panel you see for a regular book slideshow, but when you click Play within the panel you’ll be prompted to save the show as a movie.

Murphy discovered this while reading an article at Macworld and watching a YouTube video that explained how to send your book to iDVD in order to produce a movie. Great tip – but the process didn’t seem very Mac-like, so Murph tried the Option key. And….it worked.

So the capability has always been there, but now there’s a more direct way to do it. You don’t have to open iDVD, or close it, or delete a useless iDVD project. Don’t know what we’re talking about? There’s a screencast, click Watch Now below.

This must be what it feels like to discover a new galaxy or something.

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  1. Have you come across a way of doing this in Aperture yet? THAT would be even sexier!

  2. iPhoto book to Movie is great. For myself it will really make my a difference when I can offer my customers their pictures on their movie I’ve made for them in iDVD. Thank You, Thank You

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