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iPhone 4.0 – What’s Still Missing


The preview of the new iPhone OS cleans up Apple’s todo list, but there are still features I’d like to see. Let’s get right to it.

Wifi Sync. They’ve been holding this one back for a while. Downloading podcasts directly to my iPhone helped a little. But I’m still expecting full sync via wifi. At this point I don’t understand what the hold-up is.

Someone always says, “Why do you need that?” Because my iTunes Mac is in the west wing in the media closet, and I don’t want to walk through the conservatory and the butler’s pantry just to sync some tv shows before going out to the pool.

Enable FM. My gym broadcasts television audio over FM. The iPhone has the capability already, why not turn it on? I don’t consider FM a threat to apps like Pandora. Anything that gets people listening to music can’t be bad for the world’s biggest music store. Turn on the FM please.

Latitude. I’d like to share my location with certain people via Google Latitude. The web version on my iPhone doesn’t cut it. Maybe with the new multitasking services Google will give Latitude for iPhone a try. And maybe Apple will say ok.

Google Voice. This might be the most interesting. As a phone the iPhone features haven’t really changed since 2007. Except for Voice dialing.
Apple’s arguments for keeping Voice off the iPhone made little or no sense. Their claim that they were studying it (they didn’t reject it) might be somewhat true. Some of the features of Google Voice could have been very Apple-like on the iPhone – implemented with the help of AT&T. Visual Voicemail was essentially the only voice feature that initially set telephony apart on the iPhone. And it probably wasn’t easy to get AT&T to cooperate.
So – maybe Apple is working on their own version of Google Voice features.
I don’t expect to see Google Voice on the iPhone. Google and Apple are crossing the streams. Dr. Spengler said that would be bad.

Streaming to Airport Express and Apple TV. The iPhone Remote app is nice, it lets me control my Apple TV as it plays over my stereo or streams to my Airport Express. I’d still like streaming from the iPhone directly to an Airport Express or Apple TV.

Default App. Like weather, stocks, clock or slideshow. It could kick in with autolock when the phone is docked. Deactivated by default to keep things simple.

Gesture Preferences. The iPad has brightness settings in the iBook app. It would be nice to bring up brightness in lots of apps, by using a four finger swipe or something like that. Exiting an app is a long round-trip just to change brightness. Better yet: Using the physical volume button with a finger on the screen.

What else?

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9 comments to “iPhone 4.0 – What’s Still Missing”

  1. “Google Voice”: I thought Apple had capitulated on this, but the release of iPhone OS 3.2 for iPhone was what Vonage, Skype, and Google were waiting for? I’m now wondering if they’re going to jump to 4.0 with no 3.2 release for iPhone/iPod touch.

  2. FM ! Please !!
    Good list.

  3. Wifi sync ! WHY don’t they have this? I charge my iPod touch in the kitchen and iTunes is on a Mac in the basement.

    I wonder if Steve will have many surprise features.

  4. Don’t hold your breath for any new Google apps getting approved. It’s hard to believe how long it took Schmidt to get booted from the board. No doubt he learned plenty by snuggling up to Apple. How did he end up on the board? Do the board members nominate new blood? How long was he on the board? What took them so lonnnnng to kick him out?????!!!!!

  5. What about tethering on AT&T? Or is this just a list of things we weren’t promised a really long time ago?

  6. Printing?

    I like this list. I’d like to see all that things. Personally I’m pretty psyched about the BT keyboard.

  7. VZW ftw. Or anyone except AT&T.

  8. Be able to make full screen from remote – When watching itunes movies it open it in an itunes window, from Remote you can make this window fullscreen.

  9. OMG! SO many things…
    1. SMS POP UP BLOCK! i JB my idevice JUST for that! how annoying! i dont want ppl to see who is texting me!
    2. Erase a SINGLE call from phone record. ANOTHER reason to JB…
    my wall street did it back in 86…. apple??!!?? hello…. anyone??
    3. email/calendar/mute/date in the status bar. ONE more reason to JB.
    90% of the time i hit the mute and have no idea its on. why cant apple just DO IT??!! same goes for incoming emails and calendar alerts and todays date!
    i dont want to unlock my phone to JUST see if an email came in…
    4. hiding unused apps. come on, BB (cra99ies OS ever btw) allows you to hide stuff you dont want. DONT tell me i can just delete them. I DONT WANT TO. i just want them hidden, so when i do need em, i have em….
    5. APPLE, CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pivk my OWN sound for my incoming emails, text and whatever else i CHOOSE?
    i practise safe sex, i drive responsibly and i stay away from drugs and alcohol.

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