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iMovie Editing


zipMurphy hasn’t made the move to the latest iMovie yet, he’s still on iMovie HD from iLife 6.   But he found something the other laggards might be interested in.  Then again, maybe Murphy is the last to know.

Selecting a portion of a movie in the iMovie monitor has always seemed awkward to Murphy.  You can’t drag the left-most marker first, to mark the beginning of your selection.   Murphy always found this frustrating, until he finally consulted the help documents.  If you place the playhead at the beginning of the footage you want to capture, you can then place the pointer below the playhead and drag right.  The “in” marker will be placed at the playhead, the “out” marker will be placed wherever you stop dragging.  

This is fine once you know it, but Murphy found this far from intuitive! Usually, Murphy uses FCE 2 for video editing.  But his MBP doesn’t have the program installed.  For quick and dirty videos iMovie is fine.  For moving quickly and taking advantage of keyboard shortcuts FCE is the way to go.  There’s very little that application can’t do.

One little gripe about iMovie.  It would be nice if the clips didn’t extend all the way across the timeline.  An empty space to add more clips would be a nice visual cue.   Murphy is interested to hear from iMovie 8 users –  how do you like it?  Anyone? 

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