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zipWe’re getting ready to make our first iMovie 08 screencast – and we’ve hit a snag. Has anyone gotten the audio to fade in and fade out? There are a few unanswered threads on Apple Discussions and elsewhere so maybe some other users are having issues. It doesn’t matter if it’s a background audio track or a clip attached to a video segment, neither work. Even though 2 seconds is selected with manual fade, nothing happens. At least nothing Murphy can discern.

As for the rest of iMovie 08: It definitely has its good points. Things are missing from iMovieHD – we’ll get to those in a minute. First, the good points.

It’s nice to have all your events (source video) accessible in one tidy pane where you can combine them into one project. The old iMovie let you drag from one project to another, but many users may have found that cumbersome. Murphy doesn’t keep a lot of video on disk as it takes up a lot of space, so this feature may go somewhat underused. But that brings up another point: Archiving your raw materials.

You can easily delete an event from iMovie and leave the project in place. The project won’t be fully functional until you bring the source video (the event) back online. Murphy copied some source video to an external drive, deleted it from iMovie, then put the source back. The project recognized the source video as soon as it was back. Even if it was just copied back into Finder. That’s pretty nice. There’s no mention of this in the help file, so your might want create a backup before testing this out.

Editing seems far more intuitive in iMovie 08. There are some nuances but it seems far better than the awkward interface of iMovie’s past. Murphy made a whole screencast about using the in and out markers in iMovieHD because they seemed so unintuitive. It’s nice to have lots of thumbnails and an obvious dropzone to deposit your video into. There’s a preference to make all your transitions the same kind too, which may or may not have been in the previous version.

The big problem many users will have with iMovie 08 is effects. Slow motion, fast motion – not there. Many forum posters have mentioned work-arounds – like taking your project back and forth into the older iMovie. In fact, one poster has mentioned in numerous places on Apple Discussions that this iMovie is not an upgrade to the older iMovies. (scroll to ziatron’s posts) If that’s true they really shouldn’t have named it iMovie. Granted, it’s a whole new product. But I don’t think Apple’s plan was to distribute two versions of iMovie, as the poster suggests. iMovie 08 feels incomplete, if not a little rushed. Falling back on iMovieHD (’06) couldn’t have been the preferred solution.

Murphy has spent more than a reasonable amount of time trying to get audio to fade in or out. Please post your success story, if you have one. Taking the audio to Garage Band or the older iMovieHD doesn’t count!

Watch for a screencast about iMovie audio soon, maybe even tomorrow.

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  1. great screencasts, thanks a lot :) looking forward for the next.

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