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How to Make a Quicktime Skin


Quicktime SkinSkinning your Quicktime files is a great way to make them jump off the screen. Especially now that video has become commonplace on web sites all over the Internet.

The screencast will show you how to make a skin just like this video has.

A lot of people have been frustrated trying to make this work. The steps Apple describes in their tutorial are somewhat vague.

The bad news: You’ll need Quicktime Pro if you want to take a stab at this. But that’s not so bad. If you’re someone who plays around with video, posts video on the web, edits video – whatever – you want to have Quicktime Pro. It’s extremely powerful, and handy to have for all sorts of chores.

You can download the files Murphy uses in the screencast and try the steps yourself. Or take a look at the completed output.

If you’re lost check with Quicktime Kirk on Apple Discussions, or check his website. He’s extremely helpful and has information on skins.

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3 comments to “How to Make a Quicktime Skin”

  1. StatCounter has told me that at least 8 viewers have “clicked” the link to my “book” page.
    I wanted to say that your “MIssion Statement” is what I preach to any computer user. It shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t give you headaches or require you learn too many new skills. It should be fun, too.
    QuickTime Pro can do hundreds of “tricks” and one of them are skin track movies.
    As an example.
    Note** This file uses Flash tracks and viewers using QuickTime version 7.1.3 must now “Enable” Flash media using QuickTIme System Preferences or the QuickTime Control Panel (PC).
    Thank you, Murphy Mac, for sharing what you’ve learned and leading others to solutions instead of confusion and frustration.
    My “tutorial” needs some updating, too, to fix some issues caused by version 7.
    I’m working on an update to Skin Tracks and to QuickTime 7 instructions.

  2. Excellent screencast! Thanks so much. If you ever wanted to see what you would look like with a giant red beard, that’s what I used your screencast work on:

    –just a goofy project to mess around with Quartz Composer, mostly. Thanks again!

  3. When I save the script file with .mov and try and open in Quicktime, it says this is not a movie file. What am I not doing?

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