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Google Special Queries

Most of the time you can just type some words into a box and Google will do your bidding. But did you know a plus sign in front of a word will force Google to include the word in its search, even if the word is “the” ?

Google QueriesWatch the screencast to see Murphy qualify his search with words like movie: and music:. For travelers there’s great flight information you can tap with just a word or two.

You might ask what’s special about these search results? Well, it looks like most of the information is Google-formatted. But what Murphy likes is the directness. By entering your query with the proper syntax you get a link with the exact result you need, without having to click pull-downs or filling in fields.

Of course Google can do calculations and convert all kinds of units of measure. But if you want to know even more about Google check out They have the nitty gritty on how to find certain file types, searching for localized results, limiting your search to specific sites…and plenty more. Look around the site, there’s some interesting stuff.

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