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Google Reader


Google ReaderWhen your feeds pile up you might need to look beyond Safari and Firefox. There are standalone applications designed just for handling feeds. Want to try one without trying too hard? Look no further than your Google account. The Google Reader is still in beta, but it’s got some slick features.

This screencast runs through the basic features. The interface is a little offbeat, but so is Gmail – right? If you try out the reader, add Murphy Mac to your subscribed feeds. Many sites have links to add them to Google or My Yahoo.
We’re almost done with RSS week. Based on the mail Murphy’s gotten it was a huge success. We’ll be back to business as usual next week.

Reminder: Google Reader is still in the lab. Your results may vary.

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2 comments to “Google Reader”

  1. I never understood why people used RSS readers in their browser or on their computer. I use two computers at home, two at work and a variety of different ones at uni (where I can’t install software), I want to be able to check my feeds on any of these, the only way I can do that is to use an online feed reader.

    I used to use Bloglines but I think Google Reader is better, less refreshes, nicer features, especially trends.

  2. What truly makes Google Reader great is the keyboard shortcuts. I have tons of feeds to get through everyday and the shortcuts make it a breeze.

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