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Google Calendar on iCal


Google Calendar on iCalIf you haven’t noticed, Murphy uses some Google stuff. He likes the Calendar because he can access it from any computer with Internet access.

But sometimes Internet access is hard to come by. You know you won’t have access for a couple days? Use iCal to capture a Google Calendar to your disk.

You can also use Google Calendar to display published calendars for public events. Murphy is going to show you how to incorporate such a calendar into an iCal based calendar.

If you’re interested in syncing iCal information to Google, there are projects underway. Follow this link to SourceForge and this one to jin’sync.

There’s also an interesting warning about what you put on a shared Google calendar. In the screencast we use a private URL to help hide our calendar information from prying eyes. But security is still something to consider when you’re telling people where you’re going to be and when.

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