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Forget Passwords with 1Password


1PasswordIf you didn’t participate in Macheist you missed out on a great application called 1Password. With 1Password you can store your login credentials from multiple websites and log in with a couple clicks.

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts? 1Password makes it a snap to switch between them. (there are other applications for this purpose) Actually, if you have multiple usernames on ANY website 1Password will help you keep them straight. Watch the screencast to see how Murphy sets up sites for 1Password.

It seems like Murphy is creating new usernames and passwords all the time. Keeping them sorted can be taxing on the brain. The last thing you want to do is use the same password on multiple sites. Better still, 1Password can help you generate strong, unique passwords since you won’t have to remember them.

1Password stores its information using the Keychain technology that ships with your Mac. This makes it easy to transfer your stored passwords to another Mac. You can’t transfer to Windows, but you can export your passwords to a secure PDF and take them with you.

If you’ve got sites you’ll be accessing from the road, perhaps using a public computer, you might want to leave some of your passwords memorable. There are ways to do this without using the same password for every site. Maybe you can come up with your own algorithm to incorporate the site name in the password. There are plenty of ways to do it.

You can use dotmac to sync the keychain amongst your Macs, if you’re a subscriber. The application is licensed by the person, so you can install it on however many Macs you use.

1Password has other features too. You can use it to populate web forms and store your credit card information. It also has the capability to store secure notes, good for sensitive information you can’t remember.

The devleopers of 1Password are working on a web-based service for syncing your keychain. It’s currently in beta.

1Password: $29.95. Discounted family license available.

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