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Finder Slideshow


Finder SlideshowMurphy stumbled into this feature by accident. And still forgets it’s there from time to time. Instead of using it for the slideshow, you might want to use it for the grid view. You can even take a screenshot of the grid for a quick and dirty (very dirty) contact sheet.

If you’ve got some photos to look through and don’t want to launch iPhoto or one of the glacial photo editing applications, this could be useful. Though CS3 is a pretty snappy launch on my MBP.

Here’s another use: You’ve got a sloppy desktop with photos strewn about. A quick grid display based on the Desktop lets you see what’s in inventory.

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3 comments to “Finder Slideshow”

  1. Great tip — thanks! As a longtime OS X user, I probably knew about this once, but didn’t need it. Lately I’ve been trying to organize a bunch of art/photo/graphic files, and this is a huge help.

  2. OK, great!
    but… how to display pictures in sorted order?
    This feature only display photos randomly?
    perhaps some “hiden preference” via terminal?

  3. Does this help?

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