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Do you accept PayPal donations?

No, Murphy doesn’t take donations, but thanks for asking. You can help support the site by signing up for a Bluehost account through this link. Click here to see Murphy’s post demonstrating some of the key features of Bluehost.
Bluehost doesn’t have the tight OS X integration of .Mac, but you can store 300GB online. That’s a lot of songs and photos.

You can also enter Amazon through Murphy Mac. Purchase anything in Amazon’s inventory and Murphy will be rewarded. There’s even a Murphy Mac store featuring products Murphy uses in the home and office.

How do you make the screencasts?

Murphy’s screencasts are Flash presentations. They’re not created using any conventional off-the-shelf Mac software. The process is ugly, slow, and expensive. And for now it’s top secret. We’re trying to build an audience before someone creates some tools to make this easy!

Who is Murphy?

Murphy is a former IT consultant and MCSE who made the switch in 2004. Murphy resides in North Carolina.

Can we hire you to create a screencast for our product, corporation, or website?
Absolutely. In fact, screencasts are not limited to the features in Murphy’s daily posts. Email Murphy for more information. murphy at murphymac dot com.

Can I write an article for Murphy Mac?

Every now and then Murphy writes a non-screencast article. And you can help too.

Murphy welcomes your submissions. Any work submitted becomes the property of Murphy Mac. There is no direct monetary compensation, but we will publish relevant links to your web site. Articles are selected for publication at the sole discretion of Murphy Mac and may be edited for grammar and content.

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