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Export Full Quality Video from iPhone Without Computer

Share on your iOS devices allows you to upload camera roll content from Safari.

The other day I found myself wanting to extract full quality, uncompressed video from my iPhone.  I didn’t have a Mac or PC handy, and I wanted to move the video to my iPad so I could work on it with iMovie.

I looked for apps first.  Transfer Big Files was most prominent in my searches.  It got mixed reviews and I never got around to trying it.   I moved on.

Then I stumbled into something by accident:    From in Safari on my iPad or iPhone I can upload items from my camera roll, including uncompressed video files.  The web interface is clean and simple to use on an iOS device.  You’ll need a free Adobe account.

I tried to do the same thing with Dropbox.  On my iPhone I couldn’t navigate the desktop version of Dropbox.   On my iPad Dropbox only offered to upload a compressed version of the video. let me upload uncompressed versions of video files the same way did.  I had to load the desktop version of the site in iOS.

Once the video was uploaded from my iPhone to I opened the Adobe Reader app on my iPad.  The app let me save the video file to my camera roll.  Using this workflow I can shoot video with my iPhone and wirelessly transfer the uncompressed full quality file to my iPad for further processing with something like iMovie.

It’s not an exercise for the impatient.  If you’re doing this kind of stuff a lot I’d look into another solution, like the USB camera connection kit.  That link has other solutions as well.


Notes: has a file size limit of 100mb.  You’ll get there fast with uncompressed iPhone video.

The free version of provides 5GB of storage.

This Adobe document says you can’t upload .mov files.  But I’ve been able to.  Maybe they can’t be shared.

The 31 second uncompressed video I uploaded was 68MB.

I only tried Safari, not other browsers on iOS.

Acrobat Uploader

Uploading uncompressed video with Safari






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  1. Thanks!

  2. Hi there, I was just trying to do this, but on my iPad, the mobile versions of, and all just upload zero length files when I try and upload a video (and the “mobile site” versions all compress videos on upload).

    However, the iOS app versions of and both managed to upload uncompressed videos.

    Also, another method, there is a version of WinZip for iOS. It is free but there is a 3-second nag-screen when creating zip files. You can create a zip file containing your video and then email it to yourself and that won’t compress (re-encode) the video.


  3. This doesn’t work. The files don’t actually upload to the Acrobat cloud. They just sit there as “0kb” files.

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