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Direct Access to Screen Sharing


Screen SharingMurphy has a new favorite Snippet for TextExpander. Direct access to a Screen Sharing session with a couple of key strokes, from anywhere. Let’s back up and see Murphy’s awkward way first.

The Screen Sharing application is arguably tucked away, it’s not sitting in your Applications folder. Don’t know why. But you can select a computer on your network in the Finder and then click Screen Sharing to launch a session. For Murphy, this usually involved some keystrokes to bring a Finder window up front and then some mouse movement. Too much energy.

Now, wherever Murphy is within OS X, he can type a few characters on his keyboard, like ssz.   He doesn’t need to be in Finder, he doesn’t need to open Spotlight, he doesn’t need to poke around with the mouse. A window opens instantly with the Screen Sharing session live and ready to go.  It even works while running a full-screen Fusion session.

If you aren’t familiar with TextExpander ($29.95) take a look at Murphy’s introduction. The utility allows you to create “Snippets” – a series of keyboard characters that trigger different results. Snippets can replace “mmz” with the text “Murphy Mac” wherever you’re entering text. Or they can run a shell script or Applescript. In Murphy’s Screen Sharing example a brief Applescript runs to launch the session whenever “ssz” is entered. The key combination is up to you, but it’s probably best to come up with a system – and to not use words you’re likely to type just for the sake of typing them.

Here’s what the Applescript looks like. Not much to say about that. Change the ip address to the ip of the machine you want to control. That’s it. We’ll assume you’ve activated Screen Sharing on the remote machine.


What about the entry you need to make in TextExpander? That’s pretty easy too.
Here’s Murphy’s TextExpander entry. Very simple: The type of entry is AppleScript. Then the AppleScript itself. And finally the text string you want to type to kick off the script. TextExpander

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