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Custom Home Page with iWeb


Smart FolderLots of people used to use Google for their start page. Now that our browsers have Google built-in the home page is up for grabs.

So make your own start page, and spread your favorite sites across it. Use big, easy to click images. You can add text links for sites you don’t visit quite so often.

This little project used to be a hassle, even with semi-friendly web editors like MS Word. iWeb makes it incredibly easy to lay out the images and publish your new home page.

If you make a really good one go ahead and post a link in the comments.

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4 comments to “Custom Home Page with iWeb”

  1. Murphy, real cool, but I dont have a blank template. Maybe because I haven’t updated my iWeb ??

  2. Which theme are you using? I was using White. If you still don’t have it I would try 1.1. Or you could delete everything off one of the other templates.

  3. I made a similar kind of page with iWeb to use as a directory for all my Photo and Movie pages… Instead of chosing the pages by text, you chose the picture by image with a text description above. Pretty easy and pretty cool.


  4. Shaw –
    That’s an excellent idea. And your site looks incredible. People badmouth iWeb a lot, but you can make clean-looking pages with no trouble. And a little imagination goes a long way.
    Thanks for posting.

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