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CDFinder – Catalog Your Drives and Disks


drivesDon’t let the name fool you, CDFinder isn’t just for CDs. It can catalog your thumb drives, external drives, internal drives – and DVDs too.  This allows you to view the content of your media without powering up the drive or bringing it online.

Drives have started piling up around here. There’s a Drobo that helps a little, but I can think of four loose 3.5″ drives that have stuff on them. And a couple of portable USB drives. And piles of CDs and DVDs.

There’s also an offline G5 that I want to retire. I forget what’s on there from time to time so I use CDFinder ($39.99US) on my Macbook to take a look. CDFinder catalogs the contents of all kinds of files allowing you to view them when their host drive or disk is offline. Images, video, text, Adobe pro stuff – it can even index EyeTV files.

CDFinder is a big help with images. The application can generate thumbnails to help you sift through your content. Geotagging features let you add location data to your images and view them on various mapping services. Commercial CDFinder customers use it for managing large libraries of various types.

CDFinder developer Norbert Doerner stays busy adding new file types and features to the application. It can generate thumbnail images for many file types, including video formats.

You can assign labels to files and other custom fields. If the drive is online you can select a file and press the spacebar for a Finder-like preview.

I don’t have Spotlight indexing my Drobo, but I’ve got a CDFinder index so I can quickly search for files. cdfinder

I have little faith in the longevity of optical media, so I don’t have tons of CDs and DVDs to index. But I’ve got a few too many drives lying around. CDFinder can be a great help in getting your data organized –  and spotting what needs to be backed up.

I may not be the primary target audience of this product, but I can see where it could be useful and convenient for people with growing libraries of digital media or file archives at home. One thing I’d really like: The ability to tag files for removal and have them deleted when the drive is online again.

There are other products that perform similar functions. The CDFinder website has posted comparisons to other products – providing information on how they stack up.  Clearly CDFinder is a mature product with sophisticated features, like the ability to import catalogs from other indexing products.

The trial version lets you index 25 media items, that’s plenty to let you know how the product works. Keep in mind that CDFinder isn’t shareware, Norbert requires payment if you’re going to use it, even if you’re under 25 indexed items. Different licenses are available, including “Joe Average User.”

I started a small screencast for this post and it crashed on me. But Norbert at CDFinder has you covered with this walk-through video.

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  1. Thank you Julie, as you are aware, I usually do them wrtiten down, but they take a long time to organise and write, so the chance to do a screencast was brilliant. I did have trouble with it, and I didn’t do the right resolution, that is something that I have to work on. I will continue doing them though, they are so much easier, and so much quicker. I have received great feedback, well except for not being able to look at on full screen. Your problems with watching it, weren’t with your computer or screen, it was from me not really knowing what I am doing. Lesson learned. I will take on board your suggestions. thanks Julie, I do appreciate it.

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