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Yahoo! Pipes Intro

Yahoo! Pipes IntroMurphy was afraid to even look at Yahoo! Pipes. It’s one of those tools that can make a whole day disappear. But he gave it a once over, and today’s screencast will give you a peek too.

Pipes is an advanced tool for manipulating web data. A simple example would be fetching an RSS feed and returning the articles about a certain subject or written by a particular author. But Pipes can do much more. You can create a pipe that searches for pizza places in a zip code, automatically excludes the Dominos, and displays pictures of nearby parks (where you can eat the pizza) from Flickr.

In the screencast we’ll combine the New York times Technology section rss feed with the David Pogue Blog. We’ll filter the Technology feed to only return Pogue columns. We could add his personal blog too, but we won’t. Then we’ll add a search field to filter his articles.

Take Yahoo! Pipes for a spin, or at least look at some of the pipes others have published.  You can see David Pogue’s New York Times column and blog combined in this pipe.

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