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Orphan Photos in iPhoto

Smart Album OrphansCan you sleep at night? Knowing there might be photos in your iPhoto library that haven’t been assigned to any Album at all? How will your family and friends ever see those orphaned shots? They won’t be included when you make the kids watch slideshow after slideshow on your Apple TV.

Murphy remembers the old days – when he had to run an Applescript to find such photos. You won’t have to go to such lengths. Smart Albums can handle this ask for you. Click Watch Now to see the screencast. Or click to see another useful way Murphy uses Smart Albums.
Do you have iPhoto questions for Murphy? Let him know in the comments. Or send him an email.

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Give Me Some Space

Give Me Some SpaceOver time iPhoto gathers more and more images, occupying an increasingly large portion of your disk. When you delete photos from Albums they remain in the iPhoto Library, an attempt to protect you from disaster.

This Snippet is for users who allow iPhoto to copy their images into its Library. We’ll cover a couple nifty ways to zap photos from your disk.

If you are somewhat advanced and have iPhoto reference your photos somewhere else, this doesn’t apply to you. You can change this setting in the Preferences panel.

This Snippet also shows how to install a Scripts icon on your Menu bar. For more information on these Scripts take a gander on the Apple site. There are some interesting details, including how to assign keyboard shortcuts to these scripts.

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