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Dragging Tabs and URLs

Dragging TabsUsually we save Monday for the really easy stuff. Murphy was a little late getting back from vacation, so this week it’s Tuesday.You can drag a URL from one window to another in Safari and Firefox.

You can create a new tab this way in Safari, or just drag a tab in Firefox. You can even drag a URL from Firefox to Safari.

In the screencast Murphy covers all the details. He’ll also show dropping a URL on the Desktop and dragging a background window – for a little bonus.

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RSS in Firefox

Firefox RSSAmong Murphy Mac readers, Safari is beating Firefox 36 to 32 percent. Believe it or not, 18 percent of the readers are using Windows. But only 5 percent are using IE. What do you think – work machines locked down so Firefox can’t be installed??

Regardless, it seems well worth taking a look at how Firefox handles RSS feeds. If you weren’t watching yesterday, we covered RSS for Safari. The two browsers take different approaches. Firefox leads you toward toolbar based feeds while Safari gets straight to showing you the feed’s content.

RSS week continues tomorrow, so check back for Murphy’s method for adding multiple feeds to one Safari tab.

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