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Apple’s Seedy Underbelly


iPhone LineMurphy took a field trip to the Park Road AT&T store to visit two friends who were waiting in line. Check out the pictures, it’s one seedy looking strip mall. The crowd didn’t look like Apple marketing materials either. Meaning they hadn’t fallen from a J. Crew catalog – pretty people just back from snowshoeing or sailing. Or playing rugby by a rustic cabin with a calm lake in the background. They looked like……nerds. They hadn’t been there long, but a few looked a little rough – like they’d spent the night in the parking lot.

The Park Villa strip mall hosting the AT&T store is only a five minute drive from Southpark Mall, where the Apple Store is located. But the Apple Store is surrounded by Burberry, Hermes, Tumi, and Louis Vuitton. You can read the sign to see what’s parked next to the AT&T store.

Sean May (NBA – Charlotte Bobcats) was waiting in line. But he blended right in with everyone else. (photos) His shorts looked like they were two days late for the laundry hamper. Why did he wait in line himself? He wasn’t talking Mac shop with the nerds. Seems like he could have come up with $15 an hour to have someone wait in line for him. Wasn’t that the going rate?

Murphy’s friends were queued about 40 people back – and the person in front of them got the last phone! Looks like the 40 phones per store information was accurate. Update: They got their phones at the Apple store a couple hours later.

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